Burnt Orange Solutions CEO, Gareth McKee, is Working Hard TODAY For a Better Tomorrow

Gareth McKee always knew he wanted to be a part of something bigger than himself. He comes from a family of men and women who have served in the British Army or Royal Navy, so being part of a team with a greater purpose is a way of life for the McKee. In 1992, McKee joined the Royal Corps of Signals, the communications branch of the British Armed Forces. But in 1997, during a planned jump from an aircraft, an ill-fated land on wet Irish grass caused McKee to suffer a serious back injury. While rehabilitating, he followed his innate knack for technology and security while working in the field.

Packed up in the back of a Hercules transport plane, McKee would mobilize entire systems of technology wherever the Army sent them (usually to a remote desert). McKee would ensure the systems worked properly, were completely secure, and most importantly, taught the officers to use the network and computers properly. His work allowed the next generation of battle planners to strategize using cutting-edge technology. It was here he learned the value of building IT and security foundations from the ground up. With the skills and knowledge to provide all-encompassing IT protection, McKee built his own elite team and founded Burnt Orange Solutions in 2008, designed to provide hardworking businesses with the same comprehensive protection.

The Burnt Orange team shares a passion for a motto McKee learned in the army, “Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today.” If there’s just one more thing you can do today that will make tomorrow better, McKee believes it’s worth doing. The Burnt Orange solutions team believes in getting the job done the RIGHT way to keep clients protected, secure, and their business growing smoothly.

McKee and his family reside in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada with their two sons, two cats, and a passion for Rugby (though loyalties are divided among the family with Welsh, Scottish and English nationalities).

Burnt Orange Solutions has been awarded the 2019 Consumer Choice Award, The Best Business of 2018, Winer of the 2017 MSPmentor award, CRN’s Next Generation 250 Winner in 2018 and 2019, and the Thumbs Up by

Burnt Orange Solutions looks forward to being a part of your team. Give us a call TODAY to see how we can help you grow TOMORROW.