Detailed Reviews

Burnt Orange Solutions’ number is now permanently on our white board and we look forward to working with them in the future.

I would like to thank you on behalf of the whole company for the excellent support we have received from Burnt Orange Solutions recently.

IT is the life blood of our business, without it we are dead in the water and I may as well send the staff home. Recently we had an issue with one of our laptops which required a call to Burnt Orange Solutions. Knowing how important our IT is, one of their engineers was on site before 8:00 am and my agent was able to put in a full day’s work as the issue was fixed within the hour.

In recruitment being second is the first loser and Burnt Orange Solutions understand this. Their dedication to getting their clients back in business as soon as possible is, in my opinion, second to

none and due to this, I have recommended them to friends who run companies.

Burnt Orange Solutions’ number is now permanently on our white board and we look forward to working with them in the future.

– Michael, Director, Redsevenuk Recruitment

Not Even Microsoft Engineers Could Help, Burnt Orange Had It Fixed In Minutes.

I cannot say thank you enough!

I have been having issues with my Microsoft Exchange email system for months. I have spent days and hours on the phone with technical support – both direct with Microsoft and with the IT company that I had previously worked with. The issues that I was having prevented me from communicating to a huge list of clients that regularly await updates from me and assist me in generating business.

You had the “issue” fixed in minutes. Unbelievable.

– Tammy Wandzura, TMG: The Mortgage Group

I am very happy that the company I work for has support from Burnt Orange Solutions

Working in a very busy law office it is very important to me that my computer does what it is meant to do. The lawyers are under constant pressure to provide a great service to our clients and in

turn the office staff are constantly on the go providing support to them.

When computers work the job is simple, when they don’t it becomes a nightmare. This is why I am so happy that we have Burnt Orange Solutions on our side. They always get back to us within an hour as promised and provide by far the best technical support I have experienced from a computer company anywhere.

I am very happy that the company I work for has support from Burnt Orange Solutions, going anywhere else now would only be a step backwards.

Four Years Of Data Recovered In Minutes!!!

It has been a pleasure to deal with Burnt Orange Solutions over the past few months.

We initially engaged with Burnt Orange when one of our computers had an issue. Since then we have had all our computers health checked, replaced the ones that were just past their best and now have a system which is working better than ever.

Thanks to Gareth and his team I now have a fully secure system and my team of lawyers can access their data when they are on the road. The advances to our computer system have made massive

improvements to how we work.

We have also moved to Burnt Orange Solutions’ ZERO down time backup. Already this has proven invaluable as an Excel spreadsheet with 4 years of data became corrupt. Burnt Orange’s

restore system is easy to use and we had a copy from this morning restored within minutes.

– Stuart Busse, Director, Busse Law

We Have Several Services From Burnt Orange Solutions, All On One Invoice, Nicely Packaged

Gareth and his team have been like a breath of fresh air.

1. They get back to us with in 1 hour if we have an issue as promised.

2. We can now finally trust our backups

3. We are always kept fully informed of the condition of our network.

4. No pushy sales person.

5. We now have 1 phone number to call with our needs for our computers.

We have several services from Burnt Orange Solutions, all on one invoice, nicely packaged and we are well looked after. From the support of our server and computers to our emails and our backup system. I know I can relax in the knowledge that my computers are not something I need to worry about.

Having dealt with different IT firms in the past it is refreshing to have a company which does what they say, plain and simple.

– Justin Mescall. Skelton, Turner and Mescall Law Office

Saved Our Day

Our server shut down for some unexplained reason and Burnt Orange, thanks Kay, resolved the issue within 30 minutes… Saved our day…”

– Larry Thomas, The Lighthouse, Saskatoon

Even At Weekends The Help I Have Received Has Been Very Quick.

Being in a hotel with a bar and conference facilities, security is a priority for my computer networks. On any given day we can have as many as 200 different people trying to connect to our Guest Wifi and it has to work and be safe for both my staff and computers, as well as the guests.

This is why I use Burnt Orange Solutions, their staff make our systems just work and on the odd occasion when we do need help the 1 hour support guarantee is great for my business. Even at

weekends the help I have received has been very quick.

The 3 main things I needed from a computer company was speed, knowledge and less problems, and Burnt Orange Solutions has achieved all of these for me as I know they:

1. Guarantee to get back to me in 1 hour

2. Have very knowledgeable staff who always work with my staff

to get the most out our computers

3. Look after my PCs proactively with daily test, thus lowering

the amount of problems we have

I am very happy with the service I receive from Burnt Orange

Solutions and will continue to work with them.

– Dayna McComb, Owner, Westwinds Motor Hotel

They Always Get Back To Me Within An Hour As Promised

Burnt Orange is always a pleasure to deal with. They always get back to me within an hour as promised and the systems they have put in place for us are so easy to use.

It is comforting to know that I work for a business who take the computers seriously. From our modern servers to the backup service Burnt Orange look after us very well.

I know our backup service works as I receive a picture of our server working in the cloud every day, this allows me and the other staff to relax knowing that we can continue to service our clients even if our office was flooded.

I Sleep Well Knowing Burnt Orange Solutions Are Looking After My Company.

The biggest benefit to us in using Burnt Orange Solutions is having a single point of contact for IT support. Feeling confident our data is protected and recoverable in the event of a ransomware

attack is paramount to me. I know of other companies that have been victims of ransomware, I sleep well knowing Burnt Orange Solutions are looking after my company.

Burnt Orange Solutions stand out compared to other providers I have worked with in the past due to their very good service. When we have an issue, the solution is usually only minutes away.

If you are looking for a new IT support provider, I would recommend you choose someone that’s going to have the capacity to keep you up and running. In my experience, Burnt Orange Solutions is the way to go.

– Jeff Meyer, President, Pro-Bilt Structure

It Is Comforting To Know That If We Did Have Issues I Could Call Them And They Would Help Me Within 1 Hour.

I rely on the computers to be able to do my work and without them, I would be unable to book guests or take any orders at the bar or restaurant. I am glad to say that we have never had any

problems when I have been on shift since Burnt Orange Solutions started to look after our computers, and it is comforting to know that if we did I could call them and they would help me within 1 hour.

– Valerie Fossen, Staff Member, Westwinds Motor Hotel

They Provide Consistency And Reliability.

The biggest benefit since moving to IT support from Burnt Orange Solutions would be having the assurance that if something goes wrong or something unexpected happens, we have a team of professionals to support us in getting back up and running quickly and with minimal issues.

The difference with Burnt Orange Solutions is they provide consistency and reliability. Previously we contracted IT services that resulted in delays and inconsistent service which would leave

us with unresolved issues for periods of time which would affect our ability to operate properly. With Burnt Orange Solutions we receive timely attention when we need it.

If someone was on the fence about going with Burnt Orange Solutions, I would say that they would receive friendly, personable service when and as they need it, and above all, peace of mind

that their IT needs would be attended to.

– Cameron Fraser, The Lighthouse

Very Responsive

Gareth at Burnt Orange today was very responsive. He worked quickly and spent time trying to find an answer to my computer problem. He was efficient knowledgeable and very helpful.

– Adina Wilson, Trusted Marketing, Saskatoon

All I Can Say Is We Are So Glad That We Have BOS Support Now!!

Burnt Orange Solutions encouraged us to consider moving to Microsoft Office 365 in the summer of 2019. This was possible after BOS helped us work to improve our technology performance. We

agreed to the transition to Office 365, and were so very grateful for it especially during this pandemic. We have been able to connect easily with coworkers and people we support while working

remotely from home, or in distanced ways in our offices. We have benefitted from the Teams platform to hold virtual meetings, and the chat functions to have ways to share ideas and stay connected with our colleagues. It has been a game changer in this pandemic.

Burnt Orange Solutions is incredibly responsive to our requests for assistance, and speaks in a friendly, easy to understand manner to ensure we always understand the issue and the possible solutions. This helps us make informed decisions.

IT support is so important to the operations of any organization. And therefore, a switch can cause apprehension. All I can say is we are so glad that we have BOS support now!!

– Christina Martens-Funk CPA, Director of Finance, Saskatoon

Association for Community Living

Burnt Orange Solutions Provides A Second To None Security Service.

Burnt Orange Solutions has for years provided us with a personalized service, their ability to listen and learn about our needs and fulfill them is a great asset to us.

This biggest benefit to us is the knowledge that our client data is secure, safe and if needed, can be recovered in minutes. As a law firm, our client data needs to be kept safe, Burnt Orange Solutions provides a second to none security service. If an IT disaster strikes do you have confidence in your IT provider to rectify it quickly with minimal disruption to your business? We do!

– Jim Turner, STM Law

Burnt Orange Solutions Has Treated Us With The Utmost Respect And Has Done A Great Job.

Burnt Orange Solutions has treated us with the utmost respect and has done a great job learning how our business runs to only put in what our company needs. We are a small company that is

growing, and BOS has done a great job at putting things in place as we need them.

I think the turnaround time on things has impressed us the most. BOS has always come through on their timelines of doing something we need.

The biggest benefit for us is because there is so much changing with IT on a day-to-day basis. And us not having the knowledge and frankly the time to handle this on our own. Having BOS handle this for us has allowed us to focus on what we need to and we trust BOS to handle our IT needs.

– Cindy Regier, Director, Clear Health Solutions

A Positive Improvement Over Numerous Previous IT Support Companies.

The knowledge available to us in the Burnt Orange team is excellent, we are relaxed knowing they are always on hand to help when we need. Having experienced poor service from other computer companies in Saskatoon, it is a breath of fresh air to have immediate help from Burnt Orange Solutions when we need it. We are completely happy with our decision to make the switch to Burnt Orange, a positive improvement over numerous previous IT support companies.

– Kelly Turanich, Turanich Acquisitions Management Inc

When We Have An Issue The Quick Response From BOS Is Great.

The peace of mind, knowing our IT is secure, stable and all ourdata is backed up is invaluable. When we do have issues, which is very rare now, the response time from Burnt Orange Solutions is great. The knowledge of the engineers has never been in doubt. The Burnt Orange Solutions team nearly always solve our problems the first time we call them, our previous supplier sometimes had us waiting for days. The service we receive from Burn Orange Solutions is second to none, couple that with the cost, which is more than we were previously paying, but the value I see is obvious. Burnt Orange Solutions is the smart choice, I have recommended them to peers before and I will continue to do so.

– Gordy Ouellette, City Centre Bingo

Prompt Contact And Quick Service

Prompt contact and quick service knowledgeable and thorough tech support in dealing with the problem and checking to see if everything was resolved professional and polite.

– Jean Machnee, Saskatoon Christian School

Computers Just Work

Before we switched to BOS we had daily issues with our computers. We would call our supplier at the time and they would take a long time to get back to us and when they did would finally get back to us they were condescending and half the time they would blame us for the problem. With BOS we call and almost always they answer the phone if they can’t answer right away we get a call back almost always within an hour or less. The engineers explain things in terms we understand and quickly rectify any issues we have. (most of the issues we have now are 5 minute or less repairs for them or at least that’s what we see). Our computers just work, if fact we tend to take them for granted now. Kay and Gareth work behind the scenes to make sure we are always up and running. Not once have I regretted the decision to change to BOS. As people I enjoy working with Gareth and Kay they are down to earth, very trustworthy and knowledgeable. On a business level they took the time to get to know my business and my needs and they anticipate my needs unusually before I do. Burnt Orange Solutions have always provided me with great value for my dollars spent. Don’t hesitate to make the change today. It’s great to come to work and have our systems always running rather than coming to work and wanting to throw my computer out the window.

– Jeff Bolton, JOB Heating and Air Conditioning, Saskatoon

Most Responsive & Knowledgeable IT Provider I Have Ever Worked With.

The biggest benefit we have gained from has been the consolidation of all our IT services. Having our IT services managed by a single entity ensures that if problems arise our provider completely understands our entire system. Burnt Orange Solutions is the most responsive & knowledgeable IT provider I have ever worked with. They understand our needs and how best to manage them.

– Bryan Legrow, Mine Supply, Saskatoon

Once Again, 5 Star Service

Recently, I had to call up Burnt Orange for minor IT assistance for my Mac that I connect to our Windows network. Once again, 5 star service from Kay and Gareth and once again, up and going

at full speed very shortly after asking for help, with minimal disruption. When we engaged Burnt Orange three years ago to help our 10 person company, they told us they would be just like a permanent IT employee tied to our team in terms of the timeliness of service. That is exactly what they have been for us, even though we put them through some extremely challenging IT issues that include connecting very remote exploration field camp to our network via satellites. After working with several IT companies, Burnt Orange is clearly head and shoulders above them all…even those so called high end firms from Canada’s largest cities!

– Roger Lemaitre, President, UEX Corp, Saskatoon