Secure WiFi Networks


"The knowledge available to us in the Burnt Orange team is excellent, we are relaxed knowing they are always on hand to help when we need" – Kelly Turanich, Turanich Acquisition Management, Saskatoon.

Is Your Wi-Fi Internet Solution Struggling To Keep Up?

Secure Wi-Fi is something we all take for granted, like running water or electricity. It’s always there for you to connect to when you need it, no matter where you are.

…Well, just about anywhere. For a lot of small and mid-sized businesses, the place they seem to have to most trouble with reliable and secure Wi-Fi wireless Internet is right in their own building.

Updating Your Wireless Solution Has Never Been Easier – Or More Affordable.

Whether you’re a small café looking to add secure Wi-Fi to the menu, or a mid-sized company tired of slow, finicky connections, Burnt Orange Solutions can help.

  • Fully Managed Wireless Services – Our experts will install, monitor, and maintain your entire secure wi-fi system
  • All-Inclusive Monthly Rental Services – The cost of your new equipment, and all upkeep and replacement fees are included as part of your business’ monthly service agreement. No huge upfront investment required, or surprise bills down the road
  • Faster Connection Speeds – Outdated equipment can slow down your wireless speed dramatically. Upgrading to new equipment can give you access to a 5Ghz connection – leaving your old 2.4Ghz connection in the dust

Want to know how properly managed and maintained computers can improve your bottom line?

Call Gareth to discuss how we can help improve your profitability and you could get your first month’s service FREE!

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Burnt Orange is proud to partner with businesses in Saskatoon, providing cutting edge technology solutions that allow those businesses to provide better services to their customers, and improve the way their staff works.

In need of multiple connections to ensure the privacy and security of your business’ internal network? No problem!

Having a Guest connection in place is a simple solution to a serious security concern. Whether you’ll be sharing your Wi-Fi with a steady stream of customers, or just need a safer way to grant access to clients or associates while they’re visiting your office, a Guest account offers users the full benefit of a high speed connection while protecting your network against unauthorized access.

Wireless technology makes working from any device fast and easy. Having a secure and reliable solution in place that benefits both your business and your customers can make a big difference. Contact Burnt Orange today for more information about how wireless technology can offer a boost to your Saskatoon business.


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